About Us

About Us

Our kaupapa

Our mission is to bring joy, value and support to the lives of adults who are single. Our goal is to be the go to site for singles with every singles thing you need or want. We encourage a space that is welcoming, with a sense of belonging .

Going out, staying in, travelling, entertainment, paying bills, getting jobs done, looking after kids, sharing good news or having a moan about a hard day…who’s your go to when you are single?

Whether your up for some adventures and fun, keen to learn new skills or need a hand, with events, activities and offers from businesses around New Zealand, we aim to link you to every singles thing you need.

Join us and let’s celebrate, grow and mingle on the go to site for singles!

Who is the site for?

The site is for people who are single who live in New Zealand to find every singles thing they need.

It’s also for the people and businesses who think about them! If you create activities, events, services and products that will be enjoyed by singles we would love for you to join us here on the go to site for singles.

Are the listings and events that are on the site for singles only? 

The listings and events are either just for singles, or they suit singles. Listings and events that suit singles are not just for singles, but they should provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for singles, and have benefits to people who are single.

What’s the back story?

The saying is “do what you know”. I know about being single. 

I have been single when the best way to tell a person you liked them was a handwritten note passed between friends. I have been single as I have bundled my kid into the car, to drive to the video store to hire movies to play on long winter days while sick bugs ravage.  And I am single now, where the screen is both friend and foe and probably a more constant companion than any human in my life!  I am amazed by the change of technology over the years. It might consume us a bit, but there is so much potential for how it can help us to grow and connect in the real world and in meaningful ways. We can take what is good from this online world and use it to enhance our real life interactions. To find purpose, connections and yes activities, events and services for every singles thing we need.

Every Singles Thing has been created as a starting point, or a meeting point, for singles. A base from which to venture and explore and grow.

Juliet Boone, Founder, Every Singles Thing.

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