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Airbnb for one

One Adult, Two Nights: Solo Midlife Meanders on Airbnb: Bowentown

I will go away for a couple of days, even if no one else wants to.Treat myself.Book an Airbnb.Just do it!A few clothes, food, dog... OK. Pay.Drive.Arrive.Amazing place. Big view. Quiet.Two nights.What to do?Look at the guest book. Couples. Honeymooners.Ewww, the bed! Oh well, maybe I could do with the good vibes.What am I doing here?Leave. Just go home.No!Go for a walk to the beach.It’s further away than I thought.

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adult toys & friends with benefits blog image

Taking care of my own wellbeing: Why I don’t miss sex even though I’m single

Its a touchy topic, but what the heck, I’m going there. As a person who is single and out of the habit of random hookups, it’s a question often whispered to me...“Don’t you miss, you” Maybe my hormones have given up. Maybe I rarely meet anyone I want to get undressed for. Or maybe I have a secret friend with benefits, who consistently and without fuss gives me the kind of pleasure no person, in my long

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Retreat and take a break

Take a break : 3 reasons to add this retreat to the top of your to-do list.

You know that feeling. You need to take a break. Retreat. Shake things up. Maybe just a little. Maybe a lot. But is it worth it?You are too busy, tired, scared, comfortable or just can't be bothered. Maybe things could be easier, more fun, fulfilling, different. It’s taken quite a journey to get here, not just days or months, but a lifetime. Is this is your lot?Can the next step you take really make all that much

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How to set-up a singles mingle

Swipe less & boost your social circle: How to organise a singles mingle in 7 steps.

Are you over swiping left and right on dating apps to meet people and want to go in a new direction?Do you want to put yourself out there but don’t know where to go? If you make it out the door and into say, a bar, do you chat with people you don’t know? It can be embarrassing right, scary even?Would it be easier to go someplace where you knew everyone was there to meet people like you and friendly?This is

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singles mingle games and stuff

Singles Games Night and Stuff

Every Singles Thing and the Singles Mingle Games Night recently caught the attention of Stuff. Thanks to reporter Benn Bathgate who loved the idea and thought he should share the news! This aroused interest from other media as this space! The evening was a great laugh and a great start to what should be a regular get together. If you are in Rotorua keep informed of Level 13 Theme Rooms future events

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been there blog

Been There! Telling you all about it…

Sometimes the hardest thing about trying something new, is not knowing what to expect... We want to help make leaving your comfort zone, as comfortable as possible!

Been there is a space for stories, ideas and experiences.Invite Every Singles Thing along to experience and write about what you offer singles, or submit a guest blog. Get in touch with us if you are business who's got

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