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Dawn hours Whale Bay

The Nearly Empty Nest: Mid-life Meanders on Airbnb – Whale Bay, Raglan

Strolling down to the rocky beach reserve at Whale Bay, a box on a lamp post offers free plants. Surfers, craning their necks at the top of the hill to check the waves, smile and say hello.            The sound of the dog's feet walking on the vinyl floor, had woken me at dawn. Peaking through the curtains, the moon bathed the massive deck and shone a torch across the ocean. I realised I did not need to lie in the

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Airbnb for one

One Adult, Two Nights: Solo Midlife Meanders on Airbnb: Bowentown

I will go away for a couple of days, even if no one else wants to.Treat myself.Book an Airbnb.Just do it!A few clothes, food, dog... OK. Pay.Drive.Arrive.Amazing place. Big view. Quiet.Two nights.What to do?Look at the guest book. Couples. Honeymooners.Ewww, the bed! Oh well, maybe I could do with the good vibes.What am I doing here?Leave. Just go home.No!Go for a walk to the beach.It’s further away than I thought.

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