Kidz need Dadz

Kidz need Dadz

Strengthening father-child relationships through support, education and fun.

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Kids need two loving and supportive parents in their lives – whether the family all lives under the same roof or not.

Kidz Need Dadz mission is to help NZ men be the best fathers they can. Through education and support we help dads to play an active part in their kids’ lives. As well as supporting fathers, we educate the broader community about the need for dads to be involved with their children. We can help with parenting, relationship separation, assistance with legal advice and mentoring, information on health and wellbeing services for men, and events for dads to meet up. Kidz Need Dadz organise a range of dad-focussed activities and events to help strengthen father-child relationships and provide opportunities to meet other dads. Our events are listed on our Facebook pages:

Support for dads

Families can be fun. Sometimes a Dad needs information or just awareness of coming changes. Often Dads need to korero e rangimarie, talk through the issues, in peace. KND is a safe place for any questions via phone, in person or at a DadzKare Group We have specific understanding with:
  • Baby Time Issues
  • Parenting Courses
  • Mediation – Shared Care
  • Surviving Separation
DadzKare includes personal, practical and parenting support, advocacy and help with documentation, dealing with agencies or family strategies. At DadzKare Groups there is peer support from dads in similar situations.

Supervised parent/child visitations

KidzKare arranges supervised visits between parents and their kids. The main focus is to keep everyone – both children and adults – safe during the visits. Before the visits start, we organise an assessment meeting with the adults involved. During this meeting, the custodial and non-custodial parents sign a contract to say they will at all times abide by the KidzKare rules and policies. The contract outlines KidzKare’s rules and boundaries, which both parents must agree to. This covers things like the need for adults to remain within the supervisor’s sight and hearing at all times, and a ban on any verbal or physical violence. There is a staggered drop-off for the visits, which means the custodial and non-custodial parents do not see each other. This removes any tension that might arise between the parents, and ensures the focus stays on what’s best for the children. KidzKare is a member of the Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Supervised Contact Services and has Ministry of Social Development approval level 2. All KidzKare supervisors are vetted by the police, hold first aid certificates and receive regular training. KidzKare is a preferred provider for supervised visits for the Ministry of Justice and Oranga Tamariki.
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