One Adult, Two Nights: Solo Midlife Meanders on Airbnb: Bowentown

One Adult, Two Nights: Solo Midlife Meanders on Airbnb: Bowentown

I will go away for a couple of days, even if no one else wants to.

Treat myself.

Book an Airbnb.

Just do it!

A few clothes, food, dog… OK. Pay.



Amazing place. Big view. 


Two nights.

What to do?

Look at the guest book. Couples. Honeymooners.

Ewww, the bed! Oh well, maybe I could do with the good vibes.

What am I doing here?

Leave. Just go home.


Go for a walk to the beach.walk at the beach

It’s further away than I thought. The dog looks tired

Carry the dog.

Back at the Airbnb.

How many more hours till I can go to sleep?

May as well watch TV.

I’m paying too much money to ignore the view and watch TV.

Decide not to watch TV.

Comfy clothes.

Realise I can walk naked in the apartment.

Accidently see a mirror.

Realise that the last time I looked at myself fully naked in the mirror I was definitely not 50.

Wonder how I am going to get rid of that image next time I am naked with someone. 

It’s been a few years…if there is someone. 

Maybe that’s why my friend was asking me if I wanted to join her to swim lengths in the pool?

Decide I may as well lay in the bed with the beach views and read a book.

The title tells me it’s possible to live a life I love and not just get by.

i can live a life I love

Can I do that? 

Maybe two nights is not going to be long enough…

Glass of wine. Red.


Is it time to feed the dog already?

Walk in the gardens.

Paths leading off paths, leading to gazebos and chairs to sit and view. Who the hell mows all these lawns?

How lucky am I, to experience this.

garden paths      gazeboHungry but not, drive to the shop, looking at the houses.

It’s nice here, quaint.

Eat pizza, eat chocolate, watch a chick flick.


Dog shakes and I wake. I’m not at home, where? Oh yeah. 

Nice dream, sexy. Honeymooners bed? 

Catch angry thoughts, work related. 

Be present.

Dog needs to go out. Go to the beach. 

beach plants          dinosaur remains

That’s two poo’s he hasn’t done.

He’s old. Don’t think about it. Enjoy now.

What am I doing with my life?

Same house, same job, same same. Is it too late for change?

I’m a scaredy cat. Stupid. 

Be present.



Look at the view.

When did it get so hard to make decisions? Do it, don’t do it. Who cares? That’s how it used to be. 

When I realised there were consequences. 

Years down the track, living the life of all those choices that flowed from each other. 

Sun out the window. Breathe. Look at the view.

view of bowentown

There is still time.

Text the real estate agent. The campground amongst mountains and lakes, is it still for sale?


It would be great. The lifestyle. The beauty. The place. 

But it’s far away. Family is not there.

It’s still for sale.

The possibility exists.

Breathe. Enjoy where you are.

Drive around.

Walk on the beach.

It’s nice here.

Wine. Red. 

Turn out the light. Work. It’s coming.

Turn on the light. 

Read. I can live a life I love and stop just getting by.

The possibility exists.


Dog cleans himself, I wake.

Good sleep.

So peaceful here.

Look at the view.

Two hours more to enjoy it.

bed with a view

Phone rings.

Son is vomiting, when am I going to be home?


Google symptoms, make a phone call and talk to the nurse. Nothing to panic about. 

Check out in half an hour. Quick.

Shower, pack.

Relax, you have time.

Drive to the beach. One more walk.

It’s nice here, a good feeling.

I could live here.

Drive home.

Family. A house. A job.  Feel grateful. 

I have a lot.

I am not just getting by.

Am I.


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