Swipe less & boost your social circle: How to organise a singles mingle in 7 steps.

Swipe less & boost your social circle: How to organise a singles mingle in 7 steps.

Are you over swiping left and right on dating apps to meet people and want to go in a new direction?

Do you want to put yourself out there but don’t know where to go? 

If you make it out the door and into say, a bar, do you chat with people you don’t know? It can be embarrassing right, scary even?

Would it be easier to go someplace where you knew everyone was there to meet people like you and well…be friendly?

This is my experience at every singles mingle I have been to! The vibe is welcoming and fun. 

In fact I reckon every single, deserves a mingle in their town. And the thing is they are easy to organise!

So you don’t need to sit around waiting for someone else to make it happen, you can make it happen! 

Follow these 7 steps to help you organise a singles mingle: and you will be swiping less and boosting your social circle in no time.

Step #1: Decide on the vibe 

decide on the vibe
It’s your chance to organise a singles mingle, that you want! 
Tip: Leave the fireworks and live bands for now and keep things simple. 

What do you enjoy doing and what would be fun? Ask your single friends as well. They may even want to help you organise this.

  • Do you fancy a night out with drinks and nibbles? 
  • Would you like to take the pressure off of talking, with the help of board games or quiz night? 
  • Are you keen for an alcohol free, daytime, kid friendly single parents gathering? 
  • Is sports your thing and a game of singles soccer on a Sunday is where it’s at? 
  • Are you a member of a church, with a group of singles?

Action Step #1: Write down your ideas & choose one to focus on.

Step #2: Shortlist venues 

shortlist venues

Every venue has a different vibe. 
Tip: If it’s your first time to organise a singles mingle or a get together, the less you need to do at the venue, the easier it is.

Depending on the type of singles mingle, you might consider these types of venues:

  • Bars
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Community Halls
  • Church Halls
  • Playgrounds
  • Sportsfields
  • Community Outdoors Areas.

Venues like bars or cafes are often open to hosting a singles mingle for free, because of the sales from food and drinks from the event. 

This keeps things simple as you pretty much just turn up and don’t need to clean up.

A community hall might be offered for free or at low cost, which could be covered by a small fee for attendees. You might be responsible for cleaning up when you leave though – so aim to have helpers ready!

Action Step #2: Choose one venue and a backup or two.

Step #3: Lock in a venue.

locked in venue
Why would they say yes?
Tip: You might only need to talk to 1 or 2 venues. Don’t worry if someone says no, the one that says yes is the one that will want to help to create a fun event.

Singles mingles are a great way for a business to add value to the community and to increase their customer base. 

If it’s a busy venue you might suggest holding the event at one of their quieter days and times.

A face to face chat if possible, will give you the chance to explain your idea and let the venue manager know why it’s a good one. 

Tell them about the benefits to the venue, which are likely to include:
  • Increase in sales in food and drink
  • Increase in customers and potential for return customers
  • Free marketing (we’ll get to this in step 5)
  • Building community awareness of their business.

Action Step #3: Talk to venues until you have one that says yes. 

Step #4: Decide the details 

decide the details
What needs to happen for everyone to be happy? Write a list.
Tip: Avoid “oops” moments. The more clear you are, the more simple things become. 

Imagine yourself going to the event and what would happen as you arrive, as you are there and as you leave. 

This might seem like a lot to think about, but it’s really just a big list of little things! They are quick to tick off. 

Decide these things with the venue manager:
  • Who’s in charge – is this going to be your event, or are you asking the venue to host it as their own?
  • Is this a one off event or potentially a regular repeating event?
  • Date, start time and finish time. 
  • Free entry or cover charge? 
    • If there is a cover charge, do you get the money or does the venue?
  • What will the venue provide? 
    • Will there be a cost to using the venue?
    • Will you get the whole space or will part of the space be allocated to the singles mingle. 
    • Will there be an option to buy food and drinks? 
    • Can people bring food and drinks?
    • Will the venue offer discounted prices on food and drinks or some complimentary food and drinks? 
    • If you are providing activities like a quiz, board games or icebreakers – who will organise and provide the activities?
    • If using a hall will there be access to a kitchen?
    • Will there be access to toilets – will toilet paper and soap be supplied?
    • Who needs to clean up after the event?
  • Advertising the event – who will be responsible?
  • What time do you need to be at the venue on the event day?
  • Do you need any helpers and if so, who will they be?

Action Step #4: Get the details written down and confirmed in email or online messaging. 

Step #5: Write up the ad. 

write the ad details
Keep it simple!
Tip: Before you share it anywhere, show what you have written in the ad to the venue. Just to make sure everyone is happy and informed along the way.

Unless the venue has agreed to organise a singles mingle and take the event on as their own, you will probably be the one advertising it. 

For the natural networkers out there this is easy. If you are like me, you might be averse to putting yourself in the spotlight, but remember…

this is not about you, its about organising a singles mingle for everyone (single).


  • Event name
  • Date
  • Start time and finish time.
  • Location
  • Cost 
  • Contact details: name of person and how to contact them. 
  • Description: 2-3 paragraphs that create a vision of the event
    • Who it is for – include any restrictions and requirements, such as; age and dress code
    • What to expect of the event such as games, music, food and drinks, icebreaker activities.
    • A positive reason why people should attend such as; have fun, meet new people, get fit (base this on what your event is about). 
  • You could use a photo –  but make sure you have the rights to use it. Is it yours and the people in the photo have agreed? There are free images you can use from sources online such as Pixabay

Action Step #6: Write your ad details on a computer doc, so you can copy and paste it to different places. 

Step #6: Share the ad.

share the ad

Spread the word.
Tip: This step might feel scary because it’s the point that your idea is becoming real.  Flip the fear and call it nervous excitement!

There are many places to advertise but you don’t need to do it all! 

Think about the people who might want to attend the event and where they are most likely to hear about it like; work, sports clubs, social media shares, noticeboards. Focus your advertising in those places. 

Take the event ad you have written and share it on:
Event websites 
Every Singles Thing has free event listings. 

There are other event websites you can also share your your ad like Eventfinda.

Social media
If you never use social media you can start. Or ask someone you know to help. 

Facebook: create an event 

  • Facebook has information to help and there are lots of videos on youtube to explain how to create a Facebook event.
  • Share the event on your Facebook page, and Facebook groups and pages that you belong to (check admin rules before posting as some might not allow promotion).
  • If the venue has a Facebook page, tag the venue in the event post. Ask them to post the event on their social media business pages.
  • Consider creating a new Facebook group just for your singles mingle, as it’s likely that people who attend the event will want to continue to get updates about future events and may want to connect with each other. 

If you are a savvy social media user you will also consider advertising the event link though Instagram, TikTok and any other platforms you use

Personal Networks: 
Share with friends, family, workplaces and special interest or hobby groups through:
  • Online: Messenger apps, emails and texts 
  • Real World: Noticeboards and talking.
Community Networks: 
  • Online community notice boards – search on google for “what’s on” in your local region to find links 
  • Noticeboards at cafes and libraries
  • Local Newspaper “what’s on” pages.
News media outlets
Write a media release and push send!

News outlets and radio stations are often happy to share events, especially when they are new, innovative, positive and encouraging community growth. 

The gist of a media release is that you write about your event as if you were a journalist. If a news outlet likes the sound of it, they will likely contact you to follow it up and will write it with their own slant. 

This is a great way of getting your event out beyond your own networks. You never know who will pick it up from local weekend newspapers to national television channels!

The Community Comms Collective website has some helpful tips on how to write a media release and has a list of email addresses to send it to for regional and national news outlets.

Action Step #6: Pick at least 2 of the above and share your singles mingle ad.

Step #7: Hold the event

hold the singles mingle
It’s go time! 

You know that anxious feeling you get when you have invited people somewhere and you feel like you are responsible for if they have a good time? Or that no one will turn up?

Don’t feel that way!

I recently organised for Level 13 Theme Rooms to hold a Singles Mingle Games Night and six people turned up. By the end of that night I felt like I was sitting around the table with a bunch of old friends, laughing over a silly card game. We had an awesome time! 

I bet we all went away telling our other singles mates how much fun we had and the next one will be bigger.

Tip: You do not need to be the star of the event or hold the most popular event ever!  Everyone combined will make it, what it is. You just decided to create an opportunity for others to gather.
So, on the day….

# Before people arrive

Keep in contact with the venue leading up to the event. 
  • Contact them the morning of the event to check in and make sure everything is still good to go.
  • Check your list from step 4, have you got everything you need and have you checked in with helpers (if any)?
  • Do you have activity supplies, or cleaning and bathroom supplies to bring and are they organised?

If you have kept your singles mingle simple – you might just need to turn up!

# As people arrive

If you are nervous it’s ok. 

Other people who come to the event will probably also be nervous. You might as well assume that everyone will actually want to talk to and mingle with each other – that’s why they have come to a singles mingle! 

Say hi, introduce yourself, invite people to take a seat or get a drink and you are likely to find that conversations will begin to flow quite easily. 

# Before people leave

Do you want to let these singles know about future events?
  • If you have created a facebook group let people know about it and invite them to join. 
  • You could collect contact info through email. Have a piece of paper ready and invite people to write down their name and email address.
  • A phone number will be ok for those with no email – but you probably want to avoid taking the time to ring or text everyone later. 

# Before you leave

What’s on your to-do list from step 4?

Do you need to clean or lock up?

If you are at a bar or cafe type venue, check in with the manager, give your thanks and let them know you are all done.

# Debrief now or a day or two later when it is convenient.

How did it go?
  • Was the venue happy? 
  • Were the singles happy?
  • Were you happy?
  • What would you do differently next time?

Action Step #7: Check in with the venue before and after then event. 

Tip: Be open to suggestions from the venue and people who attended. It’s all learning. If you want to organise another singles mingle. Start with when and where, tweak and repeat.


start now to organise a singles mingle
You do not need to sit around waiting for things to change. 
You can create change! 

If you have never done something like this before, take that first step. Everybody starts from somewhere. The person who has already organised 50 events, at some point just decided to give it a go and see what happens. 

You can do this too!

Tip: Remember it doesn’t need to be the best event ever. Most people will simply be thankful that you organised this opportunity for them!
So take that first step:  what kind of singles mingle are you going to organise?
Write it down…

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