Take a break : 3 reasons to add this retreat to the top of your to-do list.

Take a break : 3 reasons to add this retreat to the top of your to-do list.

You know that feeling. You need to take a break. Retreat. Shake things up. Maybe just a little. Maybe a lot. But is it worth it?

You are too busy, tired, scared, comfortable or just can’t be bothered.

Maybe things could be easier, more fun, fulfilling, different. 
It’s taken quite a journey to get here, not just days or months, but a lifetime. Is this is your lot?
Can the next step you take really make all that much difference? 


Especially if the choice is to take a break with Sista Trio Retreats, which I recently did. Here are three reasons why.

Reason #1 Retreat: from routine & responsibility

I am not going to lie, a part of me did not want to go. 

It appears compulsory work meetings have triggered in me a dread of group workshop-type situations. Sometimes there are other things I would like to be doing, that feel like they would be a more constructive use of my time. Right? Like would it be more satisfying stripping back the mouldy lounge wallpaper? 

This retreat, soooo not like this! 

I felt like joining in was a choice. I felt like tuning in and acting on my needs and wants was the whole point.

yummy food

I was fed yummy food, I could join yoga, meditation and wellbeing chats. I had time for adventures in the local area or just take a nap.  I didn’t have to organise anything, I didn’t have to do anything that I didn’t want to do.

I was looked after.

It did not take long to feel very happy to be exactly where I was. adventure time

Replace everyday routines and responsibilities with activities that inspire reflection, caring and sharing and the result was a sense that I belonged. Not for what I can do for others, or for what I can contribute, but just because…I was there

Sometimes I have an inner battle between two aspects of myself: the homebody who wants to stay with what is comfortable and the adventurer who wants to experience new things.  

Strategies to nudge me from my comfort zone:

Cool Tool # 1: I visualise a cord attached from my belly to my safe place. When I move away, like a rubber band the cord stretches and pulls tight. I see the resistance is because of my attachment to where I am coming from, not because of where I am going to. I can cut the cord or let it grow outwards. Then I am free to move forward. 

Wise words from a retreat roomy: If you go somewhere and it’s not for you, leave!

Reason #2 Connect: with yourself and others

A week ago if you had said, “Girl, you need a hug”, I would have said, “Yeah, nah”. 

On the fridge at home is a whiteboard with a list of everyone’s chores. It was supposed to be the solution to feeling like I was doing more than my fair share. A month later, the board forgotten, I reverted to yelling for help instead of asking for it.

Completely over my grumpiness, a week before this retreat, I flipped the chores board and wrote on the back in large letters, JOY.  This should be my daily reminder! But I wasn’t sure anymore – what do I want to do that gives me joy?

Arriving at the retreat I was hesitant. I am by nature a shy person, so feeling comfortable with others can take time.

We were a diverse group from a wide range of ages and walks of life. Some with 30 years of yoga and some stepping into their first class. The sisters, Jen, Toni and Coryn, welcomed us in and the environment was engaging and relaxing. It was easy to participate and there was plenty of free time to do as you please. Hanging out and talking with this group of women came naturally. 

Activities that focus you inwards make it easier to connect with your needs and wants in a truthful and meaningful way. Sharing these activities, make it easier to connect with others in the same way.  

I laughed, I cried and I danced. Like no one was watching. Just like I used to. At the end of the weekend there I was, wrapping my arms around 20 women I didn’t really know, exchanging squeezes of goodness and gratitude.

When I feel shy, I might worry what others think of me. It hinders my ability to be open and to enjoy meeting new people.

Strategies to bring me out of my shell:

Cool Tool # 2: I tell myself if I feel this way, it’s likely others will be feeling the same. If everyone is busy judging themselves, they won’t be judging me. Sweet! I may as well just relax. Thanks everyone!

Wise words from a retreat roomy: Ask yourself: do I really give a fuck? No.

Reason #3 Breathe: literally and figuratively!

It’s like realising you have been holding your breath and exhaling with a delicious long sigh.

That’s what this retreat is like. It’s to take a break from your regular life. It’s a chance to let go of everyday stresses and worries that come with that. A space to peel off an outer layer and to feel inspired.breathe

Add to this the actual practice of breathing techniques and you are literally taking a breather. 

If you want to calm down, have more energy, more focus, go to sleep, be more mindful…then breathe.  

Like many, I know anxiety. I have felt it taking over my body, even when there is no real imminent danger. 

Strategies to calm the farm:

Cool Tool # 3: I focus on my breath. I imagine it travelling from my belly, up one side of my spine to my head. Exhaling long and slow, it then travels down the other side to pause again in my belly. In and up, out and down. It’s simple, it’s soothing.

Wise words from a retreat roomy: We didn’t talk about this one. I can imagine what she might say though. LOL. Even in my mind roomy, you crack me up!

Back to life, back to reality.

Now that I am home, has anything changed? 

The chores still need doing and I would still like more help with them. I still get grumpy with my son. He is a teenager, his needs and wants are not the same as mine! We will work it out. 

What has changed is my mind. Just a little. 

Recently, I have been fixated on planning my future, wanting to be clear on what I am going to do. To feel secure. I thought about this during retreat and what came up as the core of my worry, was a fear of the unknown. I still don’t know what my next steps are, but today, I’m not consumed by it.  

For 5 mornings now, I get out of bed, have a glass of water, put on a ‘feel good music’ playlist and I dance. I decided on the last day of retreat, I would do this. For me.

Just five minutes, just one song. Ok maybe two. Start each day with something that brings me JOY! 

The songs are new to me. I don’t know what will play next, how it will sound, or how it will make me move. It’s exciting. I am smiling now, just thinking about it. Light bulb moment

Ahhh-ha moment! Not knowing, it doesn’t have to be scary! It can be exciting.

tomorrow's dance

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s dance.
Whether you think you need to take a break, or think you do not, Sista Trio Retreats will be a special treat that all women, could add to the top of their to-do list.

Sista Trio Retreats

Sista Trio Retreats are three sisters: Toni, Jen and Coryn, who have combined their passions for women and wellbeing. They offer a space for everyBODY to retreat, connect and breathe.

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